Tea Gumps Milk Tea Shop is now the leading brand in the whole of Rizal, It is remarkably patronized by milk tea lovers and alike.

Tea Gumps is a company that believes in progress. We are constantly looking for ways to better our business processes through creative solutions. This makes us more competitive in the market, and enables us to offer our customer the most comprehensive service in the industry today.

  • Tea Gumps guarantees a consistent development of bold and innovative milk tea and food flavors.

  • We emphasize our clean and contemporary designs, as well as the earthy vibe of the Tea Gump’s color palettes of Green, Brown, and addition, Rustic gray.

    Our craftsmanship has been shown with our furnitures which are precisely designed and hand crafted by our own skilled and experienced wood factory team to create a cozy experience for our customers to enjoy staying while eating, and drinking our products.

  • Tea Gump’s brand positioning in the market has been tested through time.

    Our operations, marketing, and brand packaging continues to unleash its fullest potential to the demand of milk tea industry today. and in the future.