Our seamless and effective operations have been tested and proven successful for over 5 years and counting. No need for market testing. We ensure you will secure your benefit from our brand, experience, and next-level quality commitment.

We offer several formats for our franchisees to choose which model suits them better. Whether it's a stand-alone unit or inside the mall, we give our franchisees competitive packages that offer great returns.

Our brand’s reputation, operations, and marketing efforts guarantees to support your overall business development, and management as well as the the return of investment to Tea Gumps. We are certain that being part of the Tea Gumps, you will also taste your daily reward on every invested cup!

  • Enjoys whipping up milk tea as much as we do
  • Good Community Standing
  • Demonstrates high operational and managerial skills
  • Willingness to devote time in to fulfill their task and responsibility as a franchisee.
  • Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • Committed to training and development.
  • Sufficient financial resources to grow and support their franchise
  • Ready and game to be an ambassador for Teagumps