Tea Gumps brand recognition and reputation has been tested through years of research and product development, operations, marketing and consistent costumer’s appeal to our brand.

Tea Gumps have innovated several flavors, ranging from fruity flavors, chocolate, wild options, a burst of coffee into the fusion and premium add ons, thereby creating a very large portfolio of choices for our customers’ and attracting their taste. Teagumps comes with our own customized milk tea concoction that consistently compliments the today’s generation and the next breed of milk tea aficionado’s.

The Greatest percentage of the Tea Gumps consumers are millennials and young consumers are experimenting with new flavors in bubble tea, and this has been our goal’ to innovate our milk tea flavors for ou target r consumer.

This offers our undeniable competitive advantage in the fast casual food industry. Best of all, our concept and business model appeals for the key Genz and Millenial category who are also slowly but surely taking over the workforce population especially both mainstream and online media platforms. Rest assured that by covering our products and our stores, it will be inlined with your target audience as well.

Let’s work together and engage ourselves for a win-win media partnerships. Interested in featuring our brand? Reserve your dates for media coverage below!

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