Teagumps offers not only a blend of signature milk teas and comfort food, but its store is also a refreshing oasis where milk tea afficionados and non-enthusiasts alike can hang out.

Each ​Teagumps​ and ​Sip-G Bubble Milk Tea​ outlet has always been welcomed by the community in its neighborhood as the next local staple.

Since their launch, Teagumps is a consistently growing brand that appeals to all ages, from Teagumps Taytay Branch, rapid growth has been proven by our steady expansion;

  • Teagumps Taytay Branch - Febuary 2013
  • Teagumps Cainta Branch- March 2014
  • Teagumps Antipolo Branch- December 2015
  • Taytay Siena Taytay Branch- November 2017
  • Teagumps Baras Branch- September 2018
  • Teagumps Teresa Branch- November 2018
  • Teagumps Tanay Branch - April 28, 2019

In the Philippines, milk tea isn't just a fad, it's already a go-to beverage which can be sipped anytime people are in the mood, just like how people drink coffee. Milk tea shops are here to stay, and Teagumps is poised for future and further growth and expansion through the help of like minded individuals who are enthusiastic and motivated about operating their very own Teagumps.