Tea Gumps Milk Tea Shop was founded in 2013. This recipe for success was formulated by countless research, experiment, and dedication to create the perfect milk tea mix. From one milk tea series, to another, the passion and determination to provide high quality milk tea drinks has been the biggest contributing factor as to why the Tea Gump’s has built it’s great foundation of timeless milk tea flavors. It’s the signature style of furniture and it’s remarkable ambiance extends the brand into one of its kind.

After months of taste testing and improvisation, Tea Gumps was finally launched on February 2013 at Rizal Avenue in Taytay, Rizal.

For the curious, Tea Gumps is a play on founder Eljun's family name, "Victor", which can be translated to the Tagalog word "tagumpay," hence the name.

Tea Gumps Milk Tea Shop​ and ​Sip-G Bubble Milk Tea​ are now the leading brands in the whole of Rizal, both brands are remarkably patronized by milk tea lovers and alike.

Tea Gumps is a company that believes in progress. We are constantly looking for ways to better our business processes through creative solutions. This makes us more competitive in the market and enables us to offer our customer the most comprehensive service in the industry today.

Our mission is to warm every heart and share our love for tea, one cup at a time.

Our vision is to provide unparalleled value while maintaining the highest level of food safety and quality. Our centralized processes and strict quality control procedures ensure that we are able to consistently provide the highest level of customer experience.